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Миниатюрный LCC GSM/GPRS/GNSS модуль

MC60 is a quad-band full-featured GSM/GPRS module using LCC castellation package. With an extensive set of internet protocols (TCP, UDP, PPP, FTP, HTTP and SSL*), it has integratedthe GNSS technology for satellite navigation. Based on the latest 2G chipset, it has the optimal performance in SMS & data transmission as well as audio service even in harsh environments. It features Dual SIM Single Standby function.

MC60 module integrates both GPRS and GNSS engines in one compact and low profile SMT package. It supports EPO™ technology which provides predicted Extended Prediction Orbit to speed up TTFF without need of extra server. Based on EPO data, QuecFastFix Online function further reduces TTFF in cold start, making cold start TTFF comparable to that in hot start. EASYTM™(Embedded Assist System) technology is also supported. It enables the GNSS engine to achieve a very fast first fix when there is no enough satellite information. MC60 additionally supports working in proven AlwaysLocate™ and GLP (GNSS Low Power) modes, which ensure great positioning accuracy while with verylow power consumption. The built-in LNA provides the module with improved RF sensitivity and exceptional acquisition/tracking performance even in weak signal areas.

The compact form factor, low power consumption and dual SIM card interfaces make MC60 the best choice for a wide range of M2M applications, such as automotive, telematics, wearable device, asset tracker, pet tracker, and so on.

Key features

  • Ultra compact size: 18.7×16.0×2.1mm
  • Multi navigation constellation: GPS/ GLONASS/ QZSS
  • GNSS receiver channels: 99 acquisition/ 33 tracking channels
  • Powerful AGPS functions: Autonomous AGPS EASY™/ Offline AGPS EPO™/ Online AGPS QuecFastFix
  • Built-in LNA for better GNSS sensitivity (-167dBm@Tracking): able to use passive GNSS antenna without the need of any extra LNA
  • Enhanced GNSS features: SDK command/ AIC/ LOCUS/ GLP
  • GSM quad-band: 850/ 900/1800/1900MHz
  • Multi internet protocols: TCP/ UDP/ PPP/ HTTP/ FTP/ SSL
  • Support Voice, SMS, QuecFOTA™, DSSS, OpenCPU
  • Support Bluetooth V3.0: SPP & HFP-AG profiles

General Features

  1. Quad-Band:850/900/1800/1900MHz
  2. GPRS Multi-slot Class:Class 12
  3. GPRS Mobile Station:Class B
  4. Compliant to GSM Phase 2/2+:Class 4 (2W @850/900 MHz)Class 1 (1W @1800/1900MHz
  5. Supply Voltage Range:3.3~4.6 V 4.0V typ.
  6. Low Power Consumption:1.2mA @ DRX=5
  7. Operation Temperature:-40 °C ~ +85 °C
  8. Dimensions:18.7×16.0×2.1mm
  9. Weight:~ 1.3g
  10. Control via AT commandsGSM 07.07 ,07.05 and other enhanced AT Commands

Specifications for Data Function

  1. GPRS Class 1285.6 kbps (uplink & downlink)
  2. PBCCHSupport
  3. Coding SchemesCS 1, 2, 3, 4
  4. USSDSupport
  5. Non Transparent ModeSupport
  6. ProtocolsTCP/ UDP/ FTP/ HTTP/ SSL/ PPP

Specifications for SMS Function

  1. Point-to-point MO and MT
  2. SMS Cell Broadcast
  3. Text and PDU Mode

Specifications for Voice Function

  1. Speech Codec Modes:Half Rate (HR)Full Rate (FR)Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR)
  2. Echo Arithmetic:Echo CancellationEcho SuppressionNoise Reduction

Specifications for GNSS Function

  1. GPS L1 Band Receiver (1575.42MHz)
    GLONASS L1 Band Receiver (1601.71MHz)
    Channels33 (Tracking) /
    99 (Acquisition) /
    210 (PRN)
  2. Horizontal Position Accuracy
    Autonomous<2.5 m CEP
  3. Velocity Accuracy
    Without Aid<0.1 m/s
  4. Acceleration Accuracy
    Without Aid0.1 m/s²
  5. Advanced TechnologiesEASY™/LOCUS™/
    QuecFastFix Online
  6. Reacquisition Time<1 s
  7. TTFF@-130dBm with with QuecFastFix Online
    Cold start<4,5s
  8. TTFF@-130dBm with EASY™
    Cold start<15s Warm start<5s Hot start<1s
  9. TTFF@-130dBm without EASY™
    Cold start<35s Warm start<30s Hot start<1s
  10. Sensitivity
    Acquisition-149dBm Tracking-167dBm Reacquisition-161dBm
  11. Dynamic Performance
    Maximum AltitudeMax. 18000m Maximum VelocityMax. 515m/s Maximum Acceleration4G


  1. SIM/USIM×2,3V/1.8V
  2. SD*×1
  3. UART×3 (×1 UART port, ×1 Debug port, ×1 GNSS UART port)
  4. Analog Audio Chanel2 output channels and 1 input channel
  5. BluetoothBT 3.0Profile: SPP/HFP-AG
  6. ADC×1
  7. GPIO×1
  8. PCM*×1 (LGA pad)
  9. RTC×1
  10. Antenna Pad×3 (×1 GSM antenna pad, ×1 GNSS antenna pad, ×1 Bluetooth antenna pad)
  1. * Under development
MC60 - Миниатюрный LCC GSM/GPRS/GNSS модуль

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Quectel MC60 GSM Combo Specification V1.3 (670.8 KB)
Quectel MC60 Описание аппаратного интерфейса V2.1 (1.3 MB)
Quectel MC60 Референс-дизайн Rev.B (856.7 KB)
Quectel MC60&MC90 Руководство по AT командам V1.3 (1.6 MB)
Quectel MC60&MC90 GNSS AGPS Рекомендации по применению V1.2 (607.1 KB)
Quectel MC60 Руководство по набору GNSS AT команд V1.3 (371.1 KB)
Quectel MC60&MC90 Спецификация GNSS протокола V1.2 (556.2 KB)
Quectel MC60-TE-A Kit Руководство пользователя V2.0 (1.5 MB)
Рекомендации по применению функции записи и воспроизведения аудиофайлов V3.2, EN (854.9 KB)
Рекомендации по применению DTMF в GSM модулях Quectel V1.2, EN (628 KB)
Рекомендации по работе с eCall в GSM модулях Quectel V1.3, EN (795 KB)
GSM FAX Руководство по настройке V1.0, EN (1 MB)
Quectel GSM FILE Руководство по АТ-командам V1.5, EN (1 MB)
Quectel GSM FTP Руководство по AT-командам V1.5, EN (391.1 KB)
Quectel GSM HTTP Руководство по AT-командам V1.4, EN (314.6 KB)
Quectel GSM Рекомендации по работе с детектором помех V3.1, EN (546.3 KB)
Quectel GSM MMS Руководство по AT-командам V1.3, EN (461.8 KB)
Quectel GSM MUX Рекомендации по работе V1.1 (930.6 KB)
Quectel GSM PPP Рекомендации по применению V1.1 (1.6 MB)
Quectel GSM QuecFOTA Рекомендации по работе V3.2, EN (1.1 MB)
Quectel GSM SMS Рекомендации по работе V1.1, EN (1.5 MB)
Quectel GSM SMTP Руководство по AT-командам V1.2, EN (955.1 KB)
Quectel GSM SMTPS Рекомендации по работе V3.1, EN (651.8 KB)
Quectel GSM SSL TCP Рекомендации по работе V3.1, EN (725.9 KB)
Quectel GSM STK Руководство по AT-командам V1.1, EN (1.1 MB)
Quectel GSM EVB: Руководство пользователя V3.4, EN (2.8 MB)
GSM Software Functions Presentation V1.1 (599.9 KB)
Quectel Android & Linux CMUX Driver User Guide V1.1 (373.3 KB)
Quectel Android RIL Driver User Guide V1.7 (285.8 KB)
Quectel Antenna Design Note V2.0 (1 MB)
Quectel Bluetooth Antenna Application Note V1.1 (689.6 KB)
Quectel Charging IC Reference Design 20121018 (17.2 KB)
Quectel Embedded GSM Antenna User Guide V1.2 (740.1 KB)
Quectel GSM Antenna Detection Application Note V1.0 (565.9 KB)
Quectel GSM ATC Application Note V1.2 (1.1 MB)
Quectel GSM Dual SIM Card Reference Design V1.0 (249.9 KB)
Quectel GSM External Charging IC AN 20121018 (636.8 KB)
Quectel GSM FAX Setup User Guide V1.0 (1 MB)
Quectel GSM HTTPS Application Note V3.2 (909.3 KB)
Quectel GSM LightMOS Application Note V1.0 (608.5 KB)
Quectel GSM Module Audio Design Guide V3.0 (1.2 MB)
Quectel GSM Module Digital IO Application Note V1.0 (395.5 KB)
Quectel GSM POP3 AT Command Set V3.1 (807.2 KB)
Quectel GSM QuecCell AT Commands Manual V1.1 (638.6 KB)
Quectel GSM Recording AT Commands Manual V3.1 (569.9 KB)
Quectel GSM RTC Application Note V1.1 (457.7 KB)
Quectel GSM STK BIP Application Note V3.2 (1.1 MB)
Quectel GSM TTS Application Note V1.2 (560 KB)
Рекомендации по работе с UART (V1.2, EN) (948 KB)
Quectel Low Power Design User Guide V1.3 (1 MB)
Quectel Module Secondary SMT User Guide V2.4 (886.5 KB)
Quectel RF Layout Application Note V2.2 (909.4 KB)
Quectel MC60 GSM Presentation V1.2 (2.8 MB)
Рекомендации по работе с TCPIP в GSM модулях Quectel (V1.2, EN) (1.3 MB)
Рекомендации по работе с Интернет протоколами GSM модулей (V1.2, EN) (950.7 KB)
Quectel MC60-OpenCPU Series User Guide V2.0 (1.5 MB)
Quectel QFlash OpenCPU User Guide V1.0 (1 MB)
Quectel GSM Combo Module Product Overview V1.6 (3.6 MB)
Quectel Products Portfolio Overview V2.5 (7.9 MB)
Quectel MC60&M66&M66_R2&M66-DS стек BT - Рекомендации по работе V1.3 (531.2 KB)
Quectel MC60 GSM Combo Module Introduction V1.3 (1 MB)
Quectel GSM MQTT Application Note V1.3 (667.4 KB)
Quectel MC65 & MC60 Difference Comparison V2.0 (479.6 KB)

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MC60-TE-A Схема и печатная плата в САПР PADS V2.1 (857.9 KB)
Программа терминала для OC Windows - QCOM версия 1.6 (714.9 KB)
Дистрибутив программного инструмента QNavigator V1.5 (11.1 MB)
RF Layout (1.9 MB)
MC60 Footprint & Part 20160531 (61.6 KB)
TCP/UDP сервер QServer версия 1.0 (747.5 KB)
QuecFOTA Package Tool V0.1 - Упаковщик микрокода для FOTA обновления (14.5 KB)
QuecFOTA V1.0 (1.7 MB)
Дистрибутив GCC копилятора (101 MB)
eclipse cpp kepler SR2 win32 (196.8 MB)
MC60 OpenCPU GS3 SDK V1.4 Eclipse (18.1 MB)
MC60 OpenCPU GS3 SDK V1.4 (41.3 MB)
ПО MC60CAR01A13 (9.3 MB)
Программный инструмент для обновления прошивок QFlash v4.16 (52.1 MB)

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